The 2019 Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition


The Bloggers Bash Blog Post competition is back!

This year, the Bloggers Bash will be celebrating its 5th year when Bloggers from all over the world gather at The Grange Wellington Hotel, London, on June 15th, 2019.

What are this year’s competition themes?

Because we’re celebrating our 5th year of bringing bloggers together, one of the themes for this year’s blog post competition is the number ‘five.’

The other theme for the competition is to create, write, and publish a blog post that stands out above all other blog posts. Simply put, we’re asking you to write the best blog post ever which has the theme of ‘Five’.

Here are a few examples to get your creative cogs turning.

  • Share your top five blogging or writing tips.
  • Tell us about your top five of anything.
  • Write a piece of flash fiction or a short story about the number five. Maybe it’s about a door with the number five on it, or about five friends who meet up on the fifth day of the week to discuss a life-changing event.
  • Show us the five favourite photographs you’ve taken and tell us what it is that makes them stand out from all your other photos.
  • Take and share five photos that show five of something.
  • Tell us about your five favourite ingredients for a recipe and why you always use them.
  • What are your top five tips for icing a cake, or taking photos at night?
  • Share your top five tips for cleaning a dishwasher or for removing red wine stains from an artic white carpet.
  • What are the next five books on your ‘To Be Read’ list, and why are they there?
  • Share your top five fashion or makeup tips with us.
  • Write a review about the last book you read or movie you watched, outlining the five things that you scored it on.
  • Write a post about your favourite blogger, giving five reasons why you recommend your readers to follow them.
  • Write a five-lined poem about the number five, or a poem about five things that motivate you.
  • Tell us something interesting about what happens at 5 am or 5 pm in your part of the world.

Those are just a few ideas, but it’s entirely up to you what you decide to do with your entry. Just remember to make it the best blog post ever, and for it to have the theme of ‘five.’

What the judges will be looking for –

  • Posts that immediately grab a reader’s attention and keeps them captivated.
  • Keeps the reader reading until the end of the post.
  • Posts that have been well-thought out and not rushed.
  • That stimulates readers to want to leave a comment or to share the post via social media or by re-blogging it.
  • A good, clean, eye-catching layout.
  • Makes the author of the post come over as friendly, and as someone, the reader will want to find out more about.
  • Will make the reader want to follow or sign up for future posts.
  • An eye-catching blog post title that will entice readers to click on a link to read more.
  • Does not include too many spelling or grammar mistakes.

Here’s a handy hint –

There are lots of free blogging tips available online which give information on creating blog posts that will stand out and attract thousands of readers. Why not check them out to improve your chances of winning the competition?

How many words am I allowed to use in my entry?

You’ve got a maximum of 375 words to work with. Any entries that exceed 375 words (excluding the title of the post) will be disqualified.

How do I submit my entry?

  1. The word count of all the words (excluding the title) in your post.
  2. Your name and the name of your blog.
  3. A link to the blog post that contains your entry.
  4. The identification number on your PayPal payment.

Please use the email subject title BB Blog Post Competition.


1st prize is a £50 Amazon gift card.

2nd prize is a £15 Amazon gift card.

3rd prize is a £10 Amazon gift card.

Winners and their blogs will also receive publicity through the Bloggers Bash website when the results are announced.

We welcome entries from all over the world. The competition is open to all bloggers, regardless of if you’re coming to the Bloggers Bash or not.

Who’s judging this year’s competition?

We’re delighted to announce that our judges for the competition are –

Gareth Stevens and Janice Wald.

Gareth Stevens

Gareth started writing fiction at the age of thirty. Even as an engineer with a large family and a full-time career with plenty of adult responsibilities, he has always had a creative side. After years of self-suppression, the floodgates opened and his novel ‘In The End’ is the culmination of many years of finding time from nowhere to learn the craft.

While working to independently publish and make a success of his novels, Gareth lays bare his publishing journey through his blog, drawing together advice and knowledge from those already in the industry.

Connect with Gareth




Click here to read an interview with Gareth.

Janice Wald

Janice is an author, speaker, freelance writer, blogger, blogging coach. She blogs at where she shares tips for bloggers and marketers. Janice has been included in over fifty expert interviews and interview panels. In 2017, her blog was nominated in the Most Informative Blog category in the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards.

Janice’s books include ‘An Insider’s Guild to Building A Successful Blog’ and ‘89 Hacks: All The Instagram Tips And Tricks You Need To Know.’ 

Anyone who signs up to Janice’s blog will receive a PDF of 137 free blogging tools and more blogging and marketing tips.

Connect with Janice

Blog: Mostly Blogging


Facebook Page







Books available at Amazon.Com

Keep an eye out for upcoming interviews with Gareth and Janice, here on the Bloggers Bash blog, where they will be sharing some information on what they will looking for in winning entries.

The Small Print – Please Read.

  • Only entries with the identification number of the PayPal payment and sent by email to will be entered into the competition.
  • Only one entry per person is allowed. Anybody found to have entered the competition more than once will be disqualified.
  • No refunds of the entry fee will be made under any circumstances unless the competition is cancelled or withdrawn by the Bloggers Bash committee.
  • The Bloggers Bash committee reserve the right to cancel the competition at any time.
  • Members of the Bloggers Bash committee and the judging panel are not eligible to enter the competition.
  • The competition closes at 23:59 GMT on Sunday 24th March 2019. Entries received after this date will not be entered into the competition.
  • Entries must not exceed 375 words (not including the title) and can include pictures, photos, videos, and artwork.
  • The competition is only open to adults aged 18 and over.
  • Winners must agree to have their full name and winning entries published on the Bloggers Bash website.
  • Copyright of the winning entries will remain with the authors, but the Bloggers Bash reserve the right to use the entries for promotional purposes on the Bloggers Bash website.
  • All copyright for images on entries remain with the contributor who must have the owner’s permission to use them, and for the Bloggers Bash to use on their website when the winners are announced.
  • No alternative prizes are available.
  • The judges’ decision is final, and no correspondence will be entered into.
  • By entering the competition, you agree to abide by these rules.

Winners announced at The Bloggers Bash on June 15th, 2019.

Click the PayPal button in this post to make your payment to enter the competition.

Good Luck.

Click here to buy a ticket for the Bloggers Bash,

68 thoughts on “The 2019 Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition

  1. Sherri Matthews says:

    Reblogged this on A View From My Summerhouse and commented:
    Happy Friday, dear friends with a quick post to announce that The Bloggers Bash Blog Post Competition is back! In honour of this the fifth year running for the Bloggers Bash, the competition theme is the number ‘Five’. Any subject, any layout, all submissions welcome from bloggers everywhere. All rules and instructions in the reblog below. The competition closes at 23:59 GMT on Sunday 24th March 2019. This looks like a fun contest with huge scope for creative expression!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ellenbest24 says:

    It was not meant to be for me this year… my first post was three times too long as I misread Hugh’s post. With a few days in hand and the rules read I posted the tale on my blog and began a new one with all guns blazing … this time I cracked it, this time I had it right! No, the closing date had been and gone I thought it was 31st Mothers day. But I will read them all and wish you well, everyone who managed to read the rules carefully and get their writes within the time allowed. Xxx


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