Annual Bloggers Bash Awards: Here are the Nominees!

After two months of nominations, here are the final list of nominees for the Annual Bloggers Bash Awards 2019!

It’s certainly been an interesting process. Based on the enormous amount of feedback we received last year, we decided to change the categories to ensure that they were less ambiguous and provided an opportunity for the blogging community to receive some recognition for their efforts within the online world in suitable categories. As with anything, some of you were happy about this, while others weren’t. We have tried our best to accommodate as many categories as we possibly could, and in the end had to merge some of them due to just two or three nominations in individual categories at the end of the nomination period.

With a large percentage of our audience being book bloggers and authors, it was inevitable that the book category would be the most popular, but we have been pleased to see so many blogs being nominated for other categories too. We had HUNDREDS of nominations over the two month period, which was amazing.

Unfortunately, we have had to disqualify a significantly large number of nominations. This is either because:

  • A blogger nominated themselves, which is against the rules
  • Incorrect information was given. We required an email address of the person being nominated in order to process the nomination as we sent out a Congratulations Pack of information and a badge for them to display. Instead, many nominations gave a twitter link, Facebook page link, link to an About Page or nothing at all. While we appreciate that many blogs have a contact page, with the sheer volume of nominations we didn’t have the time nor the capacity to be able to go and search for the emails ourselves, so these were disqualified automatically, as was explained in our original nominations post at the beginning of February.

Please note: we will not be entering into any discussions or arguments about the nominations process, the fact that it is an online vote without judges, or the size of nominations in one category compared to another. It was designed to be a fun, inclusive extra for those who cannot attend the event in London and this is how it will remain. Unfortunately, we are not going to ever be able to please everybody, and anyone who seeks to cause a fuss will automatically be removed from the nominations.

Best Blogging / Writing

Anne R Allen’s Blog… with Ruth Harris, Elena Peters, Chris The Story Reading Ape, Tallis Steelyard, Jill Weatherholt, Night Owl Poetry, Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo, The Faery Whisperer, Gin Lemonade, Karen’s World, Syl65’s Blog, D. G. Kaye Writer, Head Full of Dreams, neha98blog, The Rendezvous Club, The Feathered Sleep, The Poem Zone, Annette Rochelle Aben, Dean Wesley Smith, Willow Croft, Losing the Plot

Best Book Blog

Rae Reads, Rosie Amber, My Chestnut Reading Tree, Bookliterati Book Reviews, Jen Med’s Book Reviews, My Reading Corner, Portobello Book Blog, Jo & Isa Love Books, The Quiet Knitter, The Writing Garnet, Love Books Group, A Knight’s Reads, Chocolate ‘n’ Waffles, Book Addict Rambles, Smorgasbord Blog Magazine, Hooked From Page One, Tracy and Helen’s Romance Book Blog, Compulsive Readers, Espresso Coco, Portable Magic, Bloomin’ Brilliant Books, Debbish Dot Com, The Average Reader (Formerly Mrs Bloggs Books), Write to Inspire, Robbie’s Inspiration, Bibliobeth, GJ Stevens, Thoughts by Mello-Elo, Best Bookish Blog, A Little Book Problem, The Reading Realm, Whispering Stories, Being Anne, Marvellous Pages, Hockey Sticks, Grips and Trips, Cleopatra Loves Books, Black Books Blog, Books N All Promotions, The Haphazardous Hippo, But I Smile Anyway, Live and Deadly, StefLoz Book Blog, Books From Dusk Till Dawn, Random Things Through My Letterbox, Chapter in My Life, Crime Book Junkie, Novel Deelights, ZooLoo’s Book Diary, By The Letter Book Reviews, Jill’s Book Cafe, Rachel’s Random Reads, Rea’s Book Reviews, It’s an Indie Book Blog, Beardy Book Blogger, Two Girls and a Book Obsession, Book in One Hand Coffee in Another, Stacy is Reading, Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading, The Fine-toothed Comb, Chat About Books, Relax and Read Book Reviews, Chellsandbooks, This is My Truth Now, There’s Something About KM

Best Entertainment Blog

Just Another Blog From a Woman, John Rieber, The Valkyries, Theatrefullstop, PaintDigi, beetleypete,

Best Food Blog

The Tennis Foodie, Retired? No-One Told Me!, Food Zesty, A Mindful Traveller, Let’s be Vegan, Esme Salon,

Best Lifestyle Blog

Wheelescapades, Fancy Paper Blog, Invisibly Me, Willow Dot 21, New Lune, Deb’s World, Out An’ About, Lifexperiment Blog, Sawdust and Spoons, The Return of the Modern Philosopher, Sizzling Towards Sixty, Cresting the Hill, Rachael’s Thoughts, Life at No. 22, Corporate Style Story, Fatty McCupcakes, Art & Soul, Beauty Balm, High Latitude Style, My Third Culture Kid, IngridMadisonAve, Jot to Jot, Unfold and Begin, Lifestyle Maven, Boots Shoes and Fashion, Sarah Plus Laura, Oriana’s Notes, From Michigan to Germany, Unbound Roots, Pain Pals Blog

Best Personal Development Blog

Helen’s Journey, Rosetree, Coaching for Geeks, Sneha’s Expression – For Women, The Invisible Hypothyroidism, Revenge of Eve, This Stuff is Golden, You Are Awesome,  Share Your Light, Motivate Me Now, You Can Always Start Now,

Best Photography Blog,

Ruth Daly, JaipurThruMyLens, Cindy Knocke,  Deb Fletcher Photography, Tofino Photography, Image Earth Travel,

Best Travel Blog

Itching for Hitching, Lisa Dorenfest, A Brummie Home and Abroad, The Wandering Darlings, A Girl and Her Passport, Seasons of Life, Out of Office, Rendezvous En New York, A Walk and a Lark,

Thanks for your nominations, and good luck to all of the nominees!


36 thoughts on “Annual Bloggers Bash Awards: Here are the Nominees!

  1. Chelsea Owens says:

    Good call. It’s difficult to please everyone.

    The e-mail thing is interesting. I don’t list mine because of spam and such and think others might be similar. I wonder how one can get around that?


    • Hugh's Views and News says:

      We needed the email address of the blogger being nominated so we could inform them they had been nominated and so we could send them a ‘Congraulations’ pack. The email address is not used for anything else. We don’t recommend anyone giving out their own email address on their blog or, if they do, to disguise it so it can’t be picked up by spambots. All WordPress bloggers can get email addresses from the dashboard of their blog of those who have left comments. Some bloggers also set up and use a separate email address for blogging so that their personal email address is not used.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Invisibly Me says:

    Oh my goodness, I’m a nominee!!!! I’m utterly gobsmacked…
    Huge congrats to everyone and thank you all for such hard work in sifting through the nominations and putting all of this together! 🙂
    Caz xx


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